Vickie Guerrero Reveals Her Favorite Eddie Moments, More


Vickie Guerrero recently spoke with DirecTV to promote this weekend’s Survivor Series. Check out the highlights:

On what makes Survivor Series so special: “Survivor Series has always kind of been the kick-off to WrestleMania so this is where everything is on the line. It’s important because it brings out the best in all the Superstars and Divas. They really put their heart and dedication into their matches to prove themselves and start making those roads to WrestleMania.”

On her favorite Survivor Series moments: “I always enjoyed working with Edge and, of course, my husband Eddie. To see Eddie win was always something special to me. He obviously had a lot of opponents but one year at Survivor Series he cheated to win against Kurt Angle. This was during the “Lie, Cheat, Steal” days. That always stuck out in my mind because he was so entertaining in the way he would manipulate his opponents, baiting them into a trap.”

On her favorite Eddie memories: “Gosh, there’s so many. I think my favorite moments were when he worked with Chyna. When he vied for her affection and they “fell in love” and went to prom. I just loved it! He treated me like that in real life, so I related. He was always so fascinating to watch by just being who he was. He really believed in what he did and I think that showed in his work in the ring. His work was just genuine. He cared about it. He had a lot of respect for the fans and gave 100% to make the match everything they wanted it to be when they walked into that arena. They knew Eddie was going to give them his whole heart. It meant a lot to him. I respected him for that.”

On her favorite role she’s played on WWE TV: “General Manager. You get to manipulate the whole roster. That’s a high for me. I may not be on the level of the McMahons or The Authority but to work with them side-by-side, I’m honored. Of course, being the older woman and having these young guys to work with, that’s something that’s always fun. I know the fans enjoy it too because they hate me more when I have that power.”

On her favorite superstar to manage: “I would love to manage Dolph Ziggler again. We have a great chemistry. AJ got in our way, but we had a lot of fun out there. Dolph is really entertaining and one of my favorites. And then Edge I will always respect. He showed me psychology, how to work in the ring, helped with my promos, and how to work with the cameras. He took me under his wing and made me feel like I was his partner. He really built my confidence and made me believe that whatever I did out there would be great. He really believed in me and I think that’s why we got to stay together for so long.”

On whether she would get in the ring again: “Absolutely. I’ll cheat to win! If have to prove myself by being in a match, I will give 100%.”

On the best up and comers at the moment: “The Wyatt Family. They have really worked hard to get where they are. Maybe it’s just because they are creepy, but their characters are really amazing to me. It’s something we have not had in a long time. Also, Tamina (Snuka) has really proven herself as AJ’s bodyguard. Her matches are getting stronger and I see her becoming the Diva’s Champion one day. I’d hate to be splashed by her. I want to keep her as my friend.”

On her ‘Excuse Me’ catchphrase: “One night I had this long promo to do and in the middle of it I forgot my lines. I had a deer in headlights look so the crowd got loud because they knew there was something wrong. I just kind of needed to regroup so I said “excuse me” to them to buy some time. But the more I said it, probably two or three more times, the crowd just went insane. Afterwards, I kind of thought “OK that’s done and over with.” But we decided to try it again the next night and now it’s something the crowd expects from me. There were a few times that I didn’t say it and people let me know on Twitter that they were disappointed. It was their one night a year they got to see a WWE show and to see me and not hear me say it, it was disappointing to them. Now I always try to incorporate it into a show to help make it that one special night for a fan. The more they hate me, the more I get a kick out of it. It makes me feel good.”

On her predictions for Survivor Series: “Of course I’m going to go for Randy. He is the face of the WWE. I’m going to be honored if he takes on Big Show and wins. I can also see Alberto Del Rio winning against John Cena. Cena’s hurt and I think Alberto is going to overcome him. But Alberto and I have a love/hate relationship. I think he was upset with me because he tried to use his charm to persuade me to do what he wanted prior to Hell in a Cell but I showed him that I’m his boss. He’s not going to charm his way into telling me how to do my job.”

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