Vickie Guerrero Reveals WWE Cut Ties With Her After AEW Appearance


Former WWE personality Vickie Guerrero took to her podcast, “Excuse Me,” to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

WWE cutting ties with her after appearing on AEW Dark:

I have the podcast now and I had asked to interview some Superstars for my podcast, and they found out I went to AEW and now they don’t even talk to me. Between me and you (David Benoit), they didn’t call me for two years, I haven’t heard from them, what did they expect me to do?

Just to sit here and wait for them to call so I could do some work? I love wrestling. I love to work in the ring. And if someone is giving me an opportunity to go and show up and have some fun, then I should be able to because I’m not obligated to anybody. I saw that I pissed in their Cheerios, so be it.

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H/T Cultaholic for the transcriptions

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