Victoria Talks Being Forced Out Of WWE Locker Room Early In Her Career


Victoria debuted in WWE after being discovered by Chyna while working as a gym trainer. She became a two-time WWE Women’s Champion during her tenure with the company and was ranked Woman of the Year by PWI. Although Victoria has accomplished quite a bit throughout her WWE tenure, her most recent interview revealed that she didn’t have the best of starts.

During a recent interview with NBC Sports Boston, Victoria explained her rough start in WWE. The former Women’s Champion began her career as one of The Godfather’s “hoes,” even being referred to as “head hoe.” It took a while for Victoria to get her own character, and the lack of experience outside of WWE rubbed some in the locker room the wrong way.


“They didn’t know I was going to wrestling school, and when I went to the locker room – you know, I came back to the locker room after I was working in the ring, just grappling and stuff like that and introducing myself. I came back and my stuff was outside of the room. I was like, ‘Oh.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ And someone said, ‘You know, this is for contracted girls only,’ and I go, ‘Oh, okay.’ I didn’t make eye contact, and I just took my bag. I go, ‘Okay, okay. I just signed a three-year deal, but that’s okay,’ and I got dressed in the janitors closet”

Victoria would take a powerbomb by the Godfather during an episode of RAW. After being given the name Victoria, she would be removed from television and sent to developmental territory Power Pro Wrestling in Memphis for more training. In 2021, the WWE Network included Victoria in a list ranking the top female competitors in the company’s history.

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