VIDEO: A Leaked WWE Revolution Video


Here is a leaked version of the WWE Revolution video that reveals the release date of WWE ’13 as 11/1/12. The video is CM Punk-focused. Here is some play-by-play:

* CM Punk appears to be the cover boy

* New CM Punk Entrance…looks very legit

* New CM Punk model?

* CM Punk wearing the MITB attire

* CM Punk Entrance attire (White Best in the World Shirt)

* Chris Jericho Confirmed

* Jericho wearing his Elimination Chamber attire

* Attitude Era Undertaker Confirmed (Mid 1997 attire)

* Stone Cold Steve Austin confirmed

* Mankind Confirmed (White top, Brown tights)

* Sheamus Confirmed (Summer 2011 attire)

* Big Show Confirmed (wearing Army singlet)

* Mark Henry confirmed (Black and Red attire)

* New RAW/SmackDown! Sidetrons confirmed

* CM Punk Does the elbow drop from the top of the turnbuckle through the announce table

* Chris Jericho does a Lionsault from the ring apron through the Announce Table

* Big Show and Mark Henry break the SmackDown! ring (similar to Vengeance of this year)

* Austin and Mankind are fighting in what appears to be an old-school arena.

* Austin and Mankind break a steal guard rail and fight in the crowd

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