VIDEO: Boxer Knocks Out Ref, Continues Beating On Him On The Ground


Yes guys, it’s another promotional post (the last one for today, I promise!), but this one is particularly interesting, albeit disturbing and flat out inexcusable.

A wild incident took place during the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia recently, as Croatian boxer Vido Loncar was getting worked over by his opponent — Algirdas Baniulis — when the referee decided to stop the action.

While the stoppage does appear to be premature, what followed was absolutely sickening.

After going to his corner and getting his gloves removed, a clearly incensed Loncar proceeded to knockout the referee. Unfortunately for the ref, that wasn’t good enough for the Croatian fighter, as he continued to pummel him while he was laid out on the ground fully unconscious.

You can watch the entire video of this crazy scene unfolding at the following link: VIDEO: Boxer Knocks Out Referee, Continues Pummeling Him On The Ground

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