Video: Demolition Comments On Not Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame, Andre The Giant, More


During a recent interview with the GOProWrestling YouTube Channel, Demolition discussed not being in the WWE Hall of Fame and more. You can check out some highlights and watch the interview below:

How they avoiding the WWF party scene in the ’80s:

Ax: “We both got into wrestling with the concept that it’s a job. Why go on the road with the injuries, being separated from you family and make some money and then lose it all? We both felt that we weren’t doing this for a lifetime but as a job.”

Memories of Mr Fuji:

Smash: “When we drove down the road it was always Bill, myself and Mr. Fuji. He would critique our matches on the trips and some of which were four to for five hours long. We always talked about what we were going to do the next night and the next week so he was a real manager too.”

On Andre The Giant:

Ax: “Andre is the godfather to my two daughters. He was a great personal friend of ours.”

Smash: “He was a cribbage playing nut. Every day before the matches we get to the building 2-3 hours ahead of time and he would be playing cribbage.”

Thoughts on WWE Hall of Fame and why Demolition have not been inducted:

Ax: “We don’t lose any sleep over it. Fans and people like you on the podcasts they know we should be in it and there are a lot of deserving teams as well. If we make it fine. We know we had a good career.

Smash: “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express inducted this year and they were an incredible team. Two great guys that we worked with and they deserve to be in there. Congratulations to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.”

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