VIDEO: Goldberg On Banned Substances In Sports & More


Bill Goldberg appeared on “4th & Pain” to talk about S.W.A.T.S. the company that created the “deer antler” supplement that Ray Lewis took, causing controversy at the Super Bowl. Even though he has experience with the products, he thinks that players should follow the rules of whatever league they are a part of.

Goldberg played for the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers before he became a wrestler.

Adam Carriker of the Washington Redskins then talked about being a current player in the NFL and how the banned substance list is tricky because of a gray area where something out of left field could show up due to its ingredients. He used the poppy seed muffin as an example.

Chuck Carroll, a DC-based radio personality, asked why a substance approved by the federal government was banned in sports. Carriker said there are too many small things unknown to athletes that can cause fines, suspension or even ending someone’s career.

Goldberg admitted there was a gray area and there are bigger issues the leagues should worry about. He stuck with his opinion.

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