VIDEO: HBK Teases Something Big For RAW, Talks ‘Mania


Shawn Michaels had an interview with Brian Fitz of Between The Ropes about his role at Wrestlemania. He also teased something big for RAW.

On his role at Wrestlemania: “It’s actually sort of nice not to have all the pressure on your shoulders. It’s fun to be a big part of it, but not… You call yourself Mr. WrestleMania long enough and people start to believe it and expect it. That can be a fairly daunting task.”

On The Rock vs John Cena: “It’s a very high profile match. If one of them loses and one of them is going to have to, I think he loses something… In the short term, that’s going to be a big emotional thing for one of those guys to get over. Sometimes it’s not so much what happens in the match but what you do the next day… I think something quite big will be revealed the next day.”

Other topics included not overshadowing the match, why it’s important who wins between Rock and Cena, The Four Horsemen going into the Hall of Fame and more.

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