VIDEO: Hilarious Post-RAW Video – Reigns’ Fall Mocked


The following are some off-air notes from Monday’s taped edition of WWE RAW in Manchester, England:

* There was a “fight” in the crowd between a fan dressed as Kane and another fan dressed as Goldust. Arena security eventually sent them on their way.

* Several signs were confiscated during the show. Security at the show warned several fans for holding their signs up on the hard-camera side too much, including one that read “Stink-Face Me AJ.”

* At one point during the main event, CM Punk told the fans that they are “the best motherf**cking crowd ever.”

* After the televised portion of RAW ended on Monday, the babyfaces remained in the ring. CM Punk raised JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler’s hands and went back into the ring. At one point, Goldust convinced Punk to reenact Roman Reigns “fall” from one of this past weekend’s WWE live events. All the babyfaces eventually made their way to the back, except for Punk. Punk got back on the microphone and said, “I just wanted to say that to come here and wrestle and perform in front of you is a humbling experience. You’ve been fantastic all night and there’s only one thing I can say, thank you.”

Below is a video of some of the off-air happenings from Monday’s RAW, including Punk mocking Reigns fall over the weekend:


For those who may have missed the video we posted last week, a fan sent us this video of Roman Reigns tripping while going over the top rope into the ring during a live event in Dublin, Ireland. You can see the hilarious fall at 1:20:

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