VIDEO: Jerry Lawler Wants Andy Kaufman In WWE HOF


Jerry “The King” Lawler had an interview with Arda Ocal for Aftermath TV. You can find Aftermath Radio on iTunes.

In the interview, Lawler revealed that he thinks Andy Kaufman deserves a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

He said: “I truly believe that’s when wrestling became sports entertainment when we involved this Hollywood actor. Vince McMahon even told me he was jealous that we got Andy Kaufman to come to Memphis. Andy actually approached Vince Sr. with the idea to wrestle females on his show and he was hesitant. Thats how I got hooked up with Andy, just by a stroke of luck.”

Other topics included:

-Lawler tells a story about getting sued in Louisiana by a female fan for “spitting” on her, but instead the real reason for the lawsuit was revealed in the courtroom.

-Lawler talks about his relationship with David Letterman today, as well as re-enacting the Andy Kaufman slap on The Late Show while filming the movie Man on the Moon. Lawler said he wants to be a guest on the program during the 30th anniversary of the slap.

-He talked about the differences between working with Michael Cole and Jim Ross both on camera and off.

-He drew a picture of Batman while talking about his current art projects. He will give away the signed drawing, which you can get details on here.

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