VIDEO: Linda McMahon On The Rock Possibly Running For United States President, Donald Trump, More


Linda McMahon, who is head of the United States Small Business Administration under President Donald Trump, recently did an interview with Katie Couric of Yahoo News.  Here are the highlights.

On donating $5 million to The Donald J. Trump Foundation:

“We donated our money to that philanthropy,” McMahon explained. “We were making it because we were a friend of then Mr. Trump. We knew a lot of the good works, you know, that he had done. We gave the money to them to do as they saw fit. I was not aware of any supposed misuse.”

On The Rock possibly running for United States President in 2020:

Dwayne do your homework really, really carefully so you’re up on all the things you want to talk about. He’s a very, bright smart… I can still call him a young man… he’s about my son’s age so that’s about right,” she continued. “He’s very passionate about what he does and he’s had some great success and from what I’ve heard, I think he wants to give back. Now I’m not sure what all the different roads that would take but if he would decide to do this I think he would be all in.”

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