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NewsVIDEO: NBC Affiliate Runs A Major Story On Hoodslam

VIDEO: NBC Affiliate Runs A Major Story On Hoodslam



The NBC affiliate in the Bay Area of California ran a story this weekend on Hoodslam, the independent promotion which runs regularly and gets crowds in the 600-700 range.

It ran on March 1st with Paul London defeating Johnny Drinko Butabi in the main event with a Shooting Star Press. The promotion regularly has a house band live at event event.

Here are other results:

– Virgil Flynn def Grandmaster G with a 450 splash

– The Super Hashtag BFF Connect Friends “Bat” Shelly (Martinez aka Arie) and Super Amber (O’Neil) with Robin (Shelly’s sister, Danielle Marinez) defeated Zangief and Blanka

– Planet Rock (Boom Box and B-Boy with Soundwave) defeated The James Gang (James and Drugs Bunny)

– Super Red Rhino 2099 remained undefeated in the Super Red Rhino 2099 challenge def Anthony Butabi with a Super Gore 2099

– The Dark Sheik (with D. Faust) vs Juiced Lee turned into Dark Sheik and Juiced Lee vs. The Stoner Brothers. Rick-Scott and Scott-Rick (The Golden Gig Co-Holders) saw the Stoner Brothers hit the Rizz Bomb on Dark Sheik and retained the Golden Gig.

The promotion will hold their Third Anniversary show at the Oakland Metro Opera House in Oakland, California on April 5.

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