VIDEO: President Obama Praises Linda McMahon’s Opponent

0 reports that US President Barack Obama is now actively campaigning for Chris Murphy, the Democratic party candidate running for senate against Linda McMahon. Obama has endorsed Murphy saying that Murphy “has a jobs plan.”

Reportedly both sides took opposing views on Obama’s inclusion in the Senate race in Connecticut. Republicans see it as a desperation measure to “drag Chris Murphy across the finish line on election day.” Democrats see it as a “turning out the lights” on McMahon move. McMahon’s campaign released a TV ad in october that advocated Connecticut residents to vote for McMahon and Obama on the same ballot. has a story by Connecticut writers Neil Vigdor and Brian Lockhart that overviews Linda McMahon’s WWE profile and how it translates into politics. The article also examines Linda McMahon’s history in WWE prior to her Senate run in 2010. McMahon’s campaign turned down requests for comments for the article, but WWE addresses WWE-related topics.

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