Video: Scott D’Amore On Rebranding TNA As GFW, Running Live Events Again, More


Global Force Wrestling Vice President of International Relations, writer and talent relations worker Scott D’Amore took some time to speak with “The HANNIBAL TV” to discuss various topics. Here are the highlights (h/t Wrestling Inc):

On why they decided to change the name from TNA to Global Force Wrestling:

“The decision to change or to get away from the TNA name was kind of done before I got involved. They had kind of started moving towards the direction of ‘Impact Wrestling’, and then with everything with Jeff Jarrett, myself, Karen Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, Kevin Sullivan, the Global Force Wrestling team coming in, with this merger the decision was basically to become ‘Global Force Wrestling Impact’. ‘Impact’ is a brand name, it will continue to be the name of our flagship show, and you can think of ‘Global Force Wrestling’ or ‘GFW’ as the sanctioning body per se. It’s like we’re the National Wrestling Alliance and the TV show is Championship Wrestling From Florida, to kind of use an analogy that is probably way too old for most of the people watching this to get. But that’s kind of the idea, so you’ll see ‘GFW Impact’, you’ll see ‘GFW Xplosion’ which is our syndicated show that airs in I think 60+ markets around the world. Obviously as you’ve seen, we’ve unified the championships, and I think it’s a great way of combining the two of them and showing that we have a fresh new era, we’re moving in a new direction, we’re moving in a positive direction, and we’re part of wrestling’s future. Whatever happened in the past, good and bad, it’s all there, it’s in the past and we’re moving forward and we’re gonna move forward in a very positive and great direction.”

On running more house shows:

“There will absolutely 100% be house shows as already has been announced. We have our first house shows in early August, we have three days, August 4th, 5th and 6th in the New York City and Jersey area. That’s our first loop. We’ll be announcing very soon September house shows and October house shows and we’re going to get back out there and in front of wrestling fans because what we do at the end of the day is entertain wrestling fans and part of that is getting out there and getting that interaction. It’s great to watch it on TV, it’s great to consume tons of content here (on a mobile phone), but when we’re doing things the way we’ve done it in this business for close to a hundred years now, we’re getting out there and a lot of that personal interaction, right? Fans want to meet their favourite wrestler, they want to see them in person, they want to get a chance to touch them, they want to get a chance to take a picture with them and that’s what we’re going to provide when we go out there and do our live events.”

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