VIDEO: The Big Show Gives Advice To Younger Wrestlers


WWE did an interview earlier this week to talk about his advice for frustrated younger wrestlers. Below are some highlights:

Big Show about young talent needing time to develop: “There’s a lot of great talent there that just needs time to develop and grow. Dolph’s one of the best heels we have right now, Dolph is going to continue to develop, and he’s one of those guys that everybody loves to work with because he’s so amazing to work with. Over time, these guys are going to have brilliant careers. The only advice I can give them is don’t get short-sighted, don’t get frustrated on what’s going on now. Like Cody (Rhodes) and (Damien Sandow), those kids are so talented, not to be frustrated about what’s going on, but understand that through perseverance, everything has a time and place in this company.”

Big Show on if he sees younger wrestlers getting frustrated: “Sure I do. Sure I do. I see it all the time. They get frustrated: ‘Why aren’t we doing this? Why don’t get this opportunity? What do we need to do? What do I need to do to make my character better?’ First of all, relax and breathe. This is not a ‘who can get to the top the fastest’ (race). This is about doing something you love and having a long-term career. So, make yourselves versatile and dependable, and have a long career.”

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