VIDEO: The Rock Speaks On Injuries, Locker Room Critics


CBS Cleveland reporter Chris Van Vliet reently spoke with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a new interview. The Rock talked about his wrestling career, his recent tweet about “letting pain be his guide,” and more. Below are some highlights:

The Rock on being content if WrestleMania 29 was his final match: “I grew up in wrestling, as you know, so for me that was a dream scenario going into the biggest WrestleMania of all-time and going in as WWE champion. And then losing the belt to John Cena, there was the passing of the torch, so to speak, and doing the right thing for business. It was a dream scenario and if in-fact that was my last match, I’m happy with it because I wound up with three hernia tears and I also tore my abductor tendon as well as my rectus tendon clean off my pelvis. So to be able to finish the match and not let anyone know, walk out on my phone, and going out on my shield. I loved it.”

The Rock on his endorsement of The Shield and Roman Reigns: “I think Reigns looks great and is very talented in the ring. The Shield, all three of those guys, are doing a great job. I’ll say this and he knows this – Fandango is one of my favorites. What makes him such an interesting character – and wrestling fans understand this – to play a character like that, you’ve got to embrace it. That’s not an easy character to embrace, which tells me that he’s got a lot going on in terms of his depth and how far he can go.”

The Rock on his locker room critics and hungry, younger stars: “The four-month run I had in WWE was really eye-opening. I was able to see a lot of young talent who are very hungry and very humble. And, what’s interesting is there were some talent there who – just the nature of the business – have become very sour grapes and (laughs) miserable. But, the younger guys were very excited. And there was that hunger there that reminded me of myself 10-15 years ago when I first started.”

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