VIDEO: The WWE Total Divas Cast On Arsenio Hall


The cast of WWE Total Divas appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show last night. Here are some highlights and clips from the show…

Natalya talks what it’s like being a WWE Diva: “I’ve grown up around the WWE my entire life…we get to live our wildest dreams everyday. It’s something extraordinary that only a handful of women in the world that can do what we do. We get to do everything from being ambassadors for Make-A-Wish and all these different charities and touching people’s lives, but we also get to go in the ring and kick butt and have fun. We can do it all.”

Summer Rae on being the newest to the group: “I think anytime you’re new in a group, it can be intimidating, especially with a group of strong, powerful, confident women. And how you handle that intimidation — whether you coward down to it or you rise to the occasion and bring some drama – is up to you”

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