VIDEO: Tony Atlas Reveals That He Has A Foot Fetish


A video recently surfaced of Tony Atlas exploring his foot fetish by paying a woman to stomp his face.

The video was acquired at an indie wrestling event in Maine last week. In it, Atlas shows a video in which he is getting stomped. Atlas commissioned the footage himself. The original video was shot in 2005, a year before Atlas was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. In the clip, the camera moves away from the original clip to reveal a smiling Atlas.

Atlas said he is proud of the video and shows it off whenever he can. He said he paid the woman $100 to do what she did. He’s not just into large boots, but also loves other kinds of footwear (including Vans). He added that his woman must have oversized feet.

He added: “I, Tony ‘Mr. USA’ Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer, am free to be me. And there is nothing greater on this Planet Earth than to get kicked and punched in the face by a big-footed girl.”

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