VIDEO: Watch Jon Moxley’s Complete Post-Show Promo At AEW Revolution


As we reported last night here on eWn, Jon Moxley cut a promo following his Exploding Barbed Wire deathmatch against Kenny Omega at AEW Revolution. AEW posted the following video, showing Moxley’s complete post-show promo. He said,

“Jacksonville, I think me and all y’all can agree on one thing. Kenny Omega may be a tough son of a bitch, but he can’t make an exploding ring worth a s**t! I’ve seen more dangerous shit on Ridiculousness on MTV, what the f**k was that? I’m still standing, bitch! We thank you guys, man, for coming out here during these tough times, every time, and watching the best PPV product, the best wrestlers in the world bustin’ their ass from the first match on the card all the way to the last. You see everything from the first match to the last. You get your money’s worth. If there’s one thing we do out here at AEW, because we love wrestling just like you do, we bust our ass! I had one goal tonight: to lay it all on the line, to bare my soul in this ring and work my ass off like it was the last night I was ever gonna get, the blessing and the opportunity to do it for you fans, and I accomplished that tonight. So I’m gonna go get [inaudible] and then I will be back for my World Championship, I will be back for Kenny Omega. And every time, from the bottom of my heart, everybody at AEW, we thank you guys for your support cause AEW is the tightest [inaudible] in the wrestling business! And we are taking the son of a bitch over and it all starts with you!”

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