VIDEO: What Happened After TNA iMPACT! Ended, More


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— Here are the quarter-hour ratings for Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, which did a 1.13 rating overall:

Q1: 1.04 rating – Austin Aries starting the show, Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

Q2: 1.15 rating – Second half of Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

Q3: 1.18 rating – D-Lo Brown revealed as an Aces & Eights member during Wes Brisco/Kurt Angle segment

Q4: 1.07 rating – Sting vs. Devon, the first Gut Check evaluation

Q5: 1.16 rating – Mixed six-person tag match, latest update on A.J. Styles

Q6: 1.13 rating – Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. D.O.C. & Garett Bischoff

Q7: 1.15 rating – The Gut Check voting, Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm main event

Q8: 1.15 rating – The final Jeff Hardy/Bully Ray confrontation leading to Lockdown and Hulk Hogan interrupting

— TNA released the following video of what happened after TNA iMPACT! went off the air:

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