VIDEOS: Homicide Hypes Extreme Rising + Antiseen News


— Here is a video of Homicide hyping this weekend’s Extreme Rising events:

— Antiseen will be releasing their latest CD “Falls Count Anywhere” on July 10th. The band has done a number of pro wrestling related tracks in the past, and here is the track listing for the CD…

1. EXPLODING BARBED WIRE DEATH MATCH – A tribute to the over the top hard core style of Japanese Wrestling.

2. INVADER ONE MUST DIE – a cover of a tune from long time pals C**KNOOSE about Jose Gonzalez who murdered wrestling great BRUISER BRODY in Puerto Rico.

3. The MYSTERIOUS GREEN MIST – a tribute to the Great Kabuki & The Great Muta and their secret weapon of choice!!!!

4. FROM PARTS UNKNOWN – a tribute to the masked men of Professional Wrestling.

5. SABU – a tribute to the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, human highlight reel!

6. FUNK U – a tribute to the hardcore icon, the living legend, TERRY FUNK!

7. DEAR ABBY – a tribute to the Madamn from the Sudan, ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER!

8. CACTUS JACK – a tribute to the man who’s name is synonymous with HARDCORE…before the socks and tie dye shirts…MICK FOLEY

9. BABY FACE KILLER – a tribute to ALL wrestling HEELS!!!!

10.* BADSTREET USA – Not a tribute to Atlanta, GA but to it’s favorite sons THE FABULOUS FREEBIRDS with a cover of the song made famous by the leader of the greatest triple tag team in Wrestling history!!!!

Here is a promotional video, detailing a special event on July 28th at the Tremont in Charlotte, NC featuring matches and musical performances…

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