VIDEOS: Marine Challenges Cena + Backstage RAW Fallout


— has posted a video of John Cena after RAW as he sells the effect of getting misted by Lord Tensai. Cena acted blind, asking what corner of the ring he was in and where the apron was, as well as water stinging his eyes. A mixed crowd reaction is also present.

— WWE has posted their latest “Backstage Fallout” video from after Raw, which includes interviews with Santino Marella, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, and Abraham Washington. Santino talks about his US Title defense, the football jersey bit from his entrance and the fact that the “Milan miracle” was five years ago yesterday, Bryan talks about his win over Kofi and whether he went too far in attacking him post-match, Kofi calls Bryan a jerk and Washington dodges questions about how he scouts talent:

— US Marine Sgt. Enrique Trevino has challenged John Cena to a push-up contest. The contest is for the Wounded Warrior charity, and Trevino has set a goal of one million push-ups in 2012 as a fundraiser. Trevino compliments Cena on his work in WWE and challenges him to come to Ft. Lauderdale to match him push-up for push-up. You can see the video below and also donate to Trevino’s cause at

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