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NewsVIDEOS: ROH's 'This Is Women's Wrestling' Documentary, MLW Azteca, Before The Impact

VIDEOS: ROH’s ‘This Is Women’s Wrestling’ Documentary, MLW Azteca, Before The Impact



Ring of Honor is currently streaming the “This Is Women’s Wrestling” documentary for their “ROH Women’s Division Wednesday” series. You can check that out below:

“THIS IS WOMEN’S WRESTLING! Take a look into the world of the Ring of Honor Women’s Division! Hear from stars like Rok-C, Willow, Miranda Alize, Trish Adora, and more, as they share their insight and experiences in the Women’s Championship Tournament!”

You can check out the fourth episode of MLW Azteca below:

•World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone vs. Octagon Jr
•AAA Mega Championship: El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Aramis
•Arez vs. Black Tigre

Cesar Duran has put together a historic and with two of the world’s top promotion’s belts on the line in one broadcast in a historic double main event.

Just weeks after being freed from Cesar Duran’s clutches, an injured Alex Hammerstone enters the Espada Underground Fight Club to put the MLW World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Octagon Jr!

Can a wounded but unbroken Hammerstone power through one of Mexico’s top luchadores and send a clear message to El Jefe, or will the champ succumb to Cesar’s wrath in Tijuana with the title switching hands?

In the second interpromotional bout, AAA MEGA Champion El Hijo del Vikingo will defend his coveted championship against Aramis.

Plus, “The Master of Strange Style” Arez brings his unique offense to MLW Azteca as he takes to the skies against Black Tigre.

Cesar Duran presents The Bomaye Fight Club’s Alex Kane with a violent opportunity for next week. What does Duran have in store for the National Openweight Champ?

Tune in for an All Access look at EJ Nduka as “The Judge” prepares for a huge Dallas homecoming this March.

Join Rich Bocchini, Joe Dombrowski, and broadcast journalist Alicia Atout as MLW presents AZTECA!

And finally, you can check out this week’s “Before the Impact” broadcast below. This episode looks at the “Honor No More” invasion angle:

“Gia Miller and Josh Mathews host the YouTube exclusive premiere of BTI – Before the Impact! Featuring the latest on the Honor No More invasion, an exclusive match showcasing the X-Division and the latest Iceman Intel!

With industry insider gossip, star interviews and exclusive matches Gia Miller and Josh Mathews present IMPACT’s pre-game show.”

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