VIDEOS: WWE’s ‘Funniest Bloopers’ + Laurinaitis Highlights


— WWE has posted a look at wrestling’s funniest bloopers, inspired by Lilian Garcis’ fall on the entrance ramp. It includes Garica introducing Zack Ryder as “Jack Swagger,” the debut of The Shockmaster, “Mean” Gene Okerlund cursing on live television, Matt Hardy falling and more. They also re-posted her fall. The description reads: “If Lilian Garcia’s recent tripping on the entrance ramp left you in stitches, watch this series of hilarious trips, falls and blunders by a host of sports-entertainment’s top grapplers — a partnership between WWE Classics and “Are You Serious?”

— WWE has posted the following video, featuring clips of John Laurinaitis’ in ring career, prior to his PPV match with John Cena…

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