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Viewership Increases For Lex Luger Episode Of Biography: WWE Legends


The ratings for A&E’s second season of Biography: WWE Legends haven’t been all that consistent since its initial episode, which spotlighted The Undertaker. The first episode averaged 582,000 viewers, and the following episode featuring former WCW Champion Goldberg had an average of 594,000. With the jump from the first to the second episode, it looked as if the second season was heading on the right track.

But then the third episode happened, which focused on The Bella Twins. The third episode averaged 420,000 viewers and a 0.12 in the 18-49 demo rating. Then the following episode, which focused on Kurt Angle, drew an average of 406,000 viewers. Suddenly it looked as if the show was declining and wouldn’t return to its initial 580,000+ standard it had during its initial two weeks.


However, that all seemed to change this week as according to Showbuzz Daily, this week’s episode, which spotlighted Lex Luger, finished with an average of 586,000 viewers. This brings the show back to its 580,000+ standard and sets the tone for the remaining episodes of the season. The episode also averaged 0.17 in the 18-49 key demo rating.

It’ll be interesting to see what the ratings look like after next week’s episode, which will spotlight DX. If viewers enjoyed this week’s episode, perhaps the ratings will increase significantly and pass the second episode for overall best rating thus far.

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