Vince & Linda McMahon’s Income Over The Last Year Revealed


According to a new article from Forbes Magazine, Vince and Linda McMahon made over $100 million (combined) in the past year. This past year also marks the first year of Linda’s tenure as head of the Small Business Association. The couple’s earnings are as follows:

* Vince earned at least $100 million from dividends, interest on investments, and the sale of stocks and bonds, which includes $73 million (after capital gains taxes) from selling 4.3% of his WWE stake. It also includes $14 million from stock sales from the likes of Apple, Amazon, and Charles Schwab.
* The two earned an estimated $12 million after taxes in investment income from WWE dividends, plus least $2 million from a investments in stocks including Comcast and Microsoft.
* Linda earned between $100,001 and $1,000,000 in interest on a $5 million to $25 million personal loan made to a member of her family.
* Vince earned a $3.1 million WWE salary for 2017.

Forbes estimates that Vince McMahon is worth around $2.8 billion, while Linda McMahon is worth around $37 million.

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