Vince McMahon Personally Paid For Alleged NDAs To Various Women


Earlier in the week, it was reported that $14.6 million in payments were not recorded as WWE expenses. While it appeared that the company paid the money for NDA payouts to former employees, according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, those payouts came directly from Vince McMahon’s wallet.

The report noted that since the money was not recorded as WWE business, it should’ve been included as company expenses. $12 million was said to have been paid to four women employed in the company and allegedly harassed by McMahon. An additional $2.6 million wasn’t included as part of the expenses. WWE has made an 8K filing with the SEC.


McMahon announced his retirement last Friday before SmackDown. The company announced that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan would take over as co-CEOs going forward.

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