Vince McMahon Pissed Off At Ventura, Linda McMahon Note


— As previously reported, several people within WWE don’t want to work with Ryback. There is a lot of concern that his combination of inexperience, intensity and sloppiness will get someone seriously injured. However, Vince McMahon is a big supporter of his and loves how the character is going. The company isn’t happy about the Goldberg chant and the production team is under directive to edit them off TV when possible.

— The first one-on-one TV debate between Linda McMahon and her competitor for the Republican Senate nomination, Chris Shays, became a WWE-centered affair. Shays focused strongly on Linda’s WWE background and tried to discredit it as her source of income and her job creation plan. Shays said, “Hugh Hefner is a job creator (but) I don’t want Hugh Hefner being there (in the Senate) and I don’t want Linda McMahon there.” Linda tried to deflect the discussion and move the debate to her job plan and Shays’ political record.

The two have another debate in July, with the primary in August. McMahon is currently twenty-five points ahead of Shays.

— Jesse Ventura recently said that he hasn’t spoken to Vince McMahon since 2010, when he said on national television that he wouldn’t vote for Linda McMahon for the Senate.

Vince told, “I haven’t spoken to Vince since he got mad at me ‘cause I wouldn’t endorse Linda for the Senate. He got mad at me because I was on Good Morning America or something and they asked me would you support Linda McMahon? And I said no. But let me explain, I don’t support any Democrats or Republicans. She’s running as a Republican and I don’t support anyone from those two parties no matter who they are and so it was nothing personal against Linda, but Vince got real mad at me that I said that on national TV, but he should’ve known better.”

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