Vince McMahon Reportedly Not High On NXT


There are rumors that there has been some tension on WWE’s main roster talent after the recent NXT Takeover event because of how successful the event was, among other issues. Apparently the talents were not the only ones feeling that way.

Sources have described Vince McMahon as being “very grumpy” lately and it’s said that he does not like the perception that NXT is putting on better shows than the main roster is.

This has apparently resulted in a weird situation where Vince is down on on NXT wrestlers before they even get called up. The whole idea behind NXT is that they get talents ready for the main roster. Vince is said to be very distainful of NXT’s success and reportedly feels that some of the NXT stars are overrated. Vince’s lack of faith with NXT talent may explain why the likes of Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, and Charlotte are stuck in developmental for the time being.

Please take this strictly as a RUMOR for now.

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