Vince McMahon Speaks On If He Misses Being On WWE TV, WWE Roster, More


Vince McMahon recently spoke with Nola.com to talk about WrestleMania 34 being held in New Orleans in 2018. Here are the highlights.

Do you ever see yourself slowing down?

No. No, never. This is not work for me. I never go to work. Ever. Every aspect of the business, whether it’s working with the talent or the writing staff, even on occasion working with the legal guys, it’s all a big family. I never go to work.

Do you miss being on TV?

God, no. That was a chore. I enjoyed it, but it just ate up so much time personally, and I couldn’t produce and direct, which is what I love to do. I love to help create new stars and tweak this and help them grow here. I can’t do that as a talent because you have to have your head wrapped around that. I’ve done both in the past, but it’s not what I prefer to do. It takes an extraordinary amount of energy to be able to do that. Trying to both is difficult. It really is.

Talk about the talented roster the WWE has.

Our guys and gals are so passionate about what they do. They’re very eager to learn. … Hogan used to call it Titan Training because we used to be known as Titan Sports many, many years ago. You’re taught respect. When one of our talent walks in here, he’s going to look you in the eye, and he’s going to shake your hand. He’s going to be cordial, and it’s the way you want to be treated. My grandmother used to say, ‘Treat people the way that you want to be treated.’ That’s what we try to do. By the way, that’s the first time I’ve quoted my grandmother in an interview. She was awesome. She was 60 years old. A kite went up in the tree one time. And 60 years old back then, was 60 years old. She wouldn’t let me go near it. She climbed the tree. Awesome lady.

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