Vince McMahon, The Rock, And Others Sued Over Trade Secrets Related To XFL


Pwinsider is reporting that David Adrian Smith has filed suit against Vince McMahon, The Rock, ESPN, and WWE over allegedly sharing “trade secrets” in relation to the XFL. The lawsuit alleges that everyone involved has been made privy to and shared “disclosed confidential trade secret information.”

Smith argues that selling XFL rights and trademarks from WWE to McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment was due to the inclusion of “trade secrets” and that after The Rock purchased the company, those secrets were disclosed without authorization.


Smith is asking for:

* A declaration that the defendant’s actions as alleged are unlawful,
* An injunction to prevent any actual or threatened misappropriation of his trade secrets
* An injunction to prevent the defendants from engaging in unlawful acts
* An order from the court conditioning that future usage of his trade secrets result in royalty payments
* An award from damages brought by the unjust enrichment of the defendants for using his trade secrets
* An award of damages from the misappropriation of his trade secrets (with the figures estimated at greater than $15 million)
* Court costs, pre and post-judgment interest adjusted for inflation and anything else the court deems appropriate

Smith is seeking damages for the misappropriation of “trade secrets.” The estimated figures are $15 million.

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