Vince McMahon Tweets D-Bryan Article, Y2J/Nowinski, Edge


— As the closing bell on Wednesday, WWE stock was at $23.00 even. That is a drop from the last few days.

— As previously reported, WWE Hall Of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland was the special guest on the second edition of the “30 Years Of WrestleMania” podcast, which is hosted by Renee Young every week at During the interview, Edge noted that if he could have one more match in WWE, he would like it to be against Christian. He also spoke about his WrestleMania main event against The Undertaker being the highlight of his career.

You can check out the complete interview at

— Former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski will be the featured guest on Chris Jericho podcast next week. The two will be discussing WWE and concussions.

— Vince McMahon tweeted on Wednesday, plugging this USA Network article regarding Daniel Bryan and the YES! Movement. McMahon tweeted:

“The #YESMovement continues to expand. YES! YES! YES!”

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