Vince Russo Claims USA Network May Drop WWE RAW In 2024


Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has expressed his concerns over the future of Monday Night RAW’s broadcasting on the USA Network. As part of their longstanding partnership, WWE and USA Network have been collaborating to air the flagship show, Monday Night RAW for the majority of its 30-year history. However, the current contract between WWE and the network is scheduled to expire in 2024, and with the rapidly changing landscape in the broadcasting and streaming world, this has raised questions about the future of the show’s TV rights.

During a recent episode of the “Legion of RAW” podcast, former WWE head writer Vince Russo, who claims that he previously served as a consultant for the USA Network, revealed that the network had been dissatisfied with the ratings of RAW in recent years. According to Russo, the outlet was not pleased with the declining viewership figures the show had been garnering.


“I don’t know about the love though. Keep in mind, I was consulting for them for two years very recently and they were not happy with the numbers.”

He went on to suggest that there was a possibility of the USA Network dropping RAW during the forthcoming TV deal negotiations due to the subpar numbers it had been generating. When asked about the likelihood of the USA Network parting ways with RAW, Russo responded,

​”They may. Absolutely. I would definitely say 50-50. That’s a fact. I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Do people understand that’s why they hired me? Like why would you hire me for two years if you were happy with the show? That’s why they hired me, bro.”

Furthermore, he claimed that his inside information came directly from sources within the network, reinforcing his perspective on the matter.

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