Vince Russo Comments on If WWE Has Anything to Fear from AEW


There has been a lot of buzz around the professional wrestling world since the announcement of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Many believe the billionaire-backed promotion has a shot at giving WWE a run for their money. Speaking to 411Mania, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo offered his thoughts on the matter.

Russo explained why he doesn’t think WWE has anything to fear from the new promotion:

“As much as I would like to say yes, I don’t think so,” Russo said. “You know, the WWE has been the only game in town for so long. I mean when you look at the Saudi Arabia deal, when you look at the FOX deal, when you look at the money they’re bringing in, because quite frankly they’ve been the only game in town for such a long period of time, I think that’s silly to believe [that the WWE is in trouble].

“Let’s be honest. There’s such a level of arrogance when it comes to the WWE, that I would love to see somebody come along that’s a threat. I really would because it would take them down a few notches and force them to put their egos in check, but the fact that they’ve been the only game in town for so long — and I mean I think it’s great that AEW sold out the MGM Grand — but you’re talking about — okay, they sold out All In. Now, six months later, there’s another big show they sold out.

“Bro, of course they can sell out big shows. There’s no doubt in my mind if they did one big show every three or four months, it would be a sellout. No doubt in my mind, but when you’re talking about competing with Vince McMahon, you’re not talking about four shows a year. You’re talking about TV. You’re talking about weekly programming. You’re talking about house shows.

“You have so many areas that you have to compete with them from, and I mean, starting at ground zero, that’s not easy. And again, I can tell you that based on experience with TNA. That’s what we experienced at TNA. So, I want them to be successful. I want the boys to make money. But them being a serious threat to the WWE, I just don’t know about.”

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