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Vince Russo Discusses How Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmasta Sexay Were Able To Succeed In The WWE



Former WCW & WWE creative writer Vince Russo, recently joined’s “The List and Ya Boy” podcast. During the podcast, Russo spoke on one of WWE’s most entertaining tag-teams; Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmasta Sexay, “Too Cool”. Russo elaborated on how the two were very entertaining and why both men would not have been as successful in the WWE, if they did not have their gimmicks.

Here’s what Vince Russo had to say:

Russo: “Their best years were not on my dime, I was gone. I was there for Too Much, made the marriage, but when they started doing their best stuff, I had left the company. Scott Taylor was there because Pat Patterson was a huge fan of his work. Pat Patterson thought Scott Taylor was a great worker and he was. Let’s face it, it wasn’t until he got the character and married the two that the guy got over and made a lot of money. If he had remained Scott Taylor, the wrestler, I think he would have been limited in his push and how much money he made. I think it started as a rib and they went with it. Look at Brian Christopher, he’s got the genes of Jerry Lawler. This kid was entertaining as hell, he was terrific and he pulled it off. (A lot of people) don’t want entertainment in wrestling today, are you kidding me? Could you imagine a guy like Brian Christopher; if we took his personality away? If we stripped him of his character and sent him out there to have a match?”

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