Vince Russo Discusses WWF’s Influx Of Singles Titles During The Attitude Era


Former WWE & WCW creative writer Vince Russo, recently joined’s “The List and Ya Boy podcast” and during the podcast, Russo touched on the number of championships that were introduced during his time in the WWE. Russo stated that there was no plan to introduce these titles, as they just appeared organically.

Russo: “It kinda happened organically. We didn’t sit there and said: ‘in June, we’re bringing this title, come November we’re going to break in this title’, it just happened organically. I still believe that a title should be a means of getting someone over. I still believe, if done correctly, titles could still be very, very valuable but I don’t think they use them well in WWE. I don’t think titles mean much today. Once the titles were in play, we would just write for those performers like we would for anybody else.”

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