Vince Russo Explains What Went Wrong With “Kennel From Hell” Match In WWE


In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Vince Russo discussed, among other topics, the infamous “Kennel From Hell” match at WWE Unforgiven 1999 that featured Al Snow defending the Hardcore Title against Big Boss Man.

Russo was of course leading the WWE creative team at the time, and the match involved a Hell in a Cell cage surrounding the ring, with another cage containing dogs outside, the objective of the match being to escape the cage.


However, the dogs turned out to be nothing more than little harmless puppies. Russo, in trademark fashion, refused to acknowledge the blame for the poorly received match and essentially stated that the concept of the match and what he envisioned was flawless; it was actually the dogs’ fault. Here’s what Russo had to say about the match:

“I’d rather try something new than repeat a match we’ve seen a billion times before that’s how I am. I’d rather try something new then just go back to the well a million times. The Dog Kennel from Hell is probably number one, and I’ll tell you why, Chris I swear this is the God honest truth.”

“I think of the concept because The Boss Man, our story revolved around the little dog Pepper. Okay, so I thought of the concept but in my head, in my head they are attack dogs, you know, they’re police dogs, the teeth are out and saliva is coming out and they’re circling the ring, that’s the picture in my head.”

“So now bro, I’m at the building and they bring the dogs in and [someone says] Vince here are the dogs for the match. I walk over to look at the dogs and bro, the first dog licked my hand. And I’m like, bro, I never thought of what if they’re not attack dogs. What if they are pets? Do you know what I’m saying?”

“Like that’s exactly what happened bro these were the lamest, laziest [dogs]. I swear to God, and like I said I 1,000% blame myself for that because I never took that into consideration. I’m literally convinced these are going to be attack dogs. So, since they weren’t that actually sucked.”

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