Vince Russo May Be The Reason Why Spike Axed TNA Impact


Here’s an update on the cancellation of TNA Impact on Spike TV.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince Russo played a big factor in all of this. Spike TV was not happy when they found out about Russo still working for them. The timing of this news is not coincidental. Perhaps Spike already had their minds set on not renewing TNA but Russo could have been the thing that made their decision easier. There were people in TNA really scared when the Russo story came out last week.
TNA was still doing relatively good numbers for Spike but one negative was that it was hard to sell ads for Impact.

As noted, TNA does have 2 months to secure a new deal with another cable network but it’s going to be very hard for them to get the money that Spike was giving them. WWE didn’t get an increase on their deal with NBC Universal and WWE Superstars was cancelled from WGN a few years back and WWE Main Event was cancelled from ION this year so if WWE can’t get their shows on other networks then that doesn’t bode well for TNA.

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