Vince Russo On Cody Rhodes – ‘I Cannot Stand His Promos’


On a recent edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s “Legion of RAW” podcast, Vince Russo criticized Cody Rhodes and Trish Stratus’ promos in recent weeks on Monday Night RAW. Suggesting that both stars lack the ability to convey emotion with their words, Russo said,

“I cannot stand Cody’s promos, I am so bored. Bro please, give me a Roddy Piper, give me a Randy Savage, give me a Lou Albano. Give me somebody, I want emotion man, I want over the top. I can’t stand the Trish Stratus and the Cody Rhodes promos.”


WWE’s former head writer further noted how Trish’s promos have been repetitive since her heel turn. He said,

“She’s repeated this same promo 4 times. It’s the thank you Trish, ok we get it man, move on.” 

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