Vince Russo Reveals Whose Idea It Was For David Arquette To Win WCW World Title


Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo interviewed David Arquette on his podcast “The Brand” recently. Here are the highlights:

Tony Schiavone coming up with the idea for Arquette to win the WCW World Title: “I write the shows. The shows are in the can. The shows are written, the shows are done. That tag team where it was you and Diamond Dallas Page against Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett, that was already written. The show is written. We have our production meeting.

“I don’t remember the finish of that match but you were not going over. When I was writing that show, you winning that title was not even a thought in my mind. Not even a thought. So, we have the whole production meeting and we lay out the entire show. I don’t remember what the finish of the match originally was,” Russo said.

“The meeting is over and everybody leaves; Tony Schiavone comes up to me, and you can verify this with Tony, but he goes, ‘Vince, I want to pitch you something.’ I’m a huge Tony Schiavone mark, who is a great guy. Tony is the guy. He looked at me and said, ‘What if David Arquette won the WCW World Title?’

“Now, you know me and my reputation. I was the swerve master, so anytime I could swerve you and give you surprises I did it. When he said that to me I stopped dead in my tracks because here is the swerve king, that thought never even crossed my mind. I looked at Tony and I said, ‘Tony, that thought never crossed my mind. If Vince Russo wasn’t even considering that can you imagine the people watching the show?'”

Arquette pinning Bischoff because no wrestler would go down for him: “Now, I am like, we have to do this. I’m like, bro, if I did not consider this nobody is going to see this. The beauty of it was Eric Bischoff was in the match so pinning an Eric Bischoff was not you pinning a Jeff Jarrett,” Russo said. “We would not have been able to do it if you were pinning a wrestler, so I’m like, if he can pin Eric Bischoff we can probably get away with that.”

Backstage officials nor producers opposed the idea: “The production meeting was over, Tony hits me with this one on one, I call everybody back in from the production meeting, and when I say everybody it was everybody who was working back there during that time. It was Eric Bischoff, Terry Taylor, Arn Anderson, J.J Dillon, whoever was working there at the time I called them in and told them that Tony Schiavone gave me this idea, it wasn’t even a thought in my mind, but what do you guys think?” Russo said.

“One-hundred percent on board. I think Jimmy Hart was there too. Not one person said that we couldn’t do it, or that it was a ridiculous idea. Not one person did that. After we had the discussion and everybody was on board I was like, let’s do this. Now, everybody agrees with it and then they all leave the room.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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