Vince Russo Rips Last Night’s TNA Impact And Reveals When He Really Returned To TNA


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RampaigerRob for sending this recap of Vince Russo’s post-TNA Impact podcast from Russo’s VIP website:

– Calls NXT “Nexus” when suggesting he rotates what to review on Thursday  

– Thinks Dixie has legitimate heel heat rather than “get out of the ring” heat 

– High on EC3 

– Dislikes opening shows with promos 

– Criticizes their usage of James Storm 

– Doesn’t know anyone in the X-Division matches  

– Criticizes matches for lasting too long – says there’s no story  

– Says that wrestling focused shows will only draw in wrestling fans. Personally, I would agree with this but TNA has lots of entertainment aspects too. He acts like this is NJPW 

– Mentions that attractive girls and sex are part of his proposed total package for a wrestling show.

Here’s an actual quote ” If you don’t like wrestling then you hated tonight’s show”

The problem with this is he clearly didn’t like Impact and doesn’t like wrestling. If you don’t like wrestling , why watch a wrestling show in the first place? I like storylines and entertaining shenanigans too, but ultimately a wrestling show should feature wrestling as its primary focus. Complaining that wrestling matches go too long on a wrestling show is stupid. Am I right? Moving on…

– After complaining there were no stories , he immediately begins talking about the next segment … a promo with the ECW alumni. Sounds like storytelling to me. 

– Didn’t like all the screaming in the above  

– Upset no action during promos 

– Says Option C doesn’t get the X-Division over

Up next Russo actually goes on an interesting rant. Basically he says that writers actually have complete control over where they place commercial breaks, and criticizes interrupting championship matches with them. He feels that it detracts from the importance of the match and sucks viewers out of the show. It’s admittedly a good point.

– Loves Spud

– Praises Lashley but doesn’t like him selling for Aries because it’s not realistic.
Admits to being a consultant for TNA since October 24th 2013. Apparently he reviewed their shows. He then says that he was given additional responsibilities; producing commentary was one. 

– He then rants, saying “Phony Wrestling Information ” will negatively spin the above
_ He says that he will overtime, gradually explain the situation more
– Next guest is Disco Inferno

News on Sting/SummerSlam, Rusev title plans, CM Punk, and more

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