Vince Russo Says That Jeff Jarrett Contacted Him About His Podcast Numbers And More


On Vince Russo’s The Brand podcast, Russo said that TNA executive, Jeff Jarrett, reached out to him asking about his podcast numbers. He also said that Jeff Jarrett wanted a podcast with a big audience to shill Impact Wrestling for them. Below are some of the highlights (transcript via

Russo on his e-mail from Jeff Jarrett: “I got an email from Jeff Jarrett about a week ago. Jeff Jarrett said to me, ‘Vince, without revealing any information, what kind of numbers do you do on PodcastOne?’ I wrote back to Jeff [and] gave him realistic numbers.”

Russo on why he got back into wrestling when Jarrett asked him many years back, and how Jarrett wanted a podcast that could shill Impact Wrestling for him and why they hired Bruce Prichard: “Here’s the problem, Jeff Jarrett wrote to me asking for my numbers. I guess he asked Bruce Prichard, so at the end of the day, despite my history with Jeff Jarrett… I’m not going to get into it [that] I got back into the wrestling business because Jeff’s wonderful and inspirational wife, Jill Jarrett, was passing away and Jeff had three little girls that he had to take care of. I didn’t care about wrestling, I hated wrestling then, I didn’t want to get back into wrestling but I saw the situation that he was in and I wanted to help my friend, but none of that matters! What matters is that Jeff wanted the podcast that he thought drew the biggest audience so that Bruce or Vince Russo can go on that podcast and shill Impact Wrestling for him.”

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