Vince Russo Says Shawn Michaels Was “High Out Of His Mind” During ‘Sunny Days’ Promo


On a recent episode of The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, former WWE head writer Vince Russo claimed that Shawn Michaels was intoxicated during his infamous “Sunny Days” promo with Bret Hart, where he went off-script.

Russo noted that the particular line by HBK started off the infamous real-life feud between Michaels and Hart, in what culminated in The Montreal Screwjob, one of the most controversial events in the history of professional wrestling. Russo said,


“He [Shawn Michaels] was high out of his mind. He’d tell you. Obviously he’s a different man today. He was high on whatever, bro, painkillers, whatever these wrestlers take. He was high out of his mind, bro, and he just said it and he didn’t give a cr*p. That line right there led to the [Montreal] Screwjob. Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, that line started it all.”

Russo further noted that despite being the producer of that segment, he couldn’t do anything about Michaels going off-script as the show was being broadcast live. He said,

“I was there when Shawn cut the promo that set it all off. I was the producer of that. The problem was, Chris, it was live and Shawn knew it was live, so I can’t [do anything]. Remember Sid with the do-over? There was no do-over and he said it. Bro, that started everything because Bret was like, ‘Bro, my freaking wife watches this show.’ That really set everything off.”

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