Vince Russo Says Today’s Wrestlers Sound Too Scripted During Promos


Former WCW & WWE creative writer Vince Russo, was a recent guest on’s “The List and Ya Boy” podcast. During the show, Russo touched on the topic of wrestlers cutting promos and stated that they sounded too scripted. He made no specific mention of what wrestlers (promotion/company wise) he was referring to, but he did comment on Vince McMahon, eluding to how most of his stars sound too much like him while delivering promos.

Check it out:

Russo: “It’s so dumb down, I’m telling you that was a big advantage we had, Ed Ferrara and myself, we worked with the talent. The talent was a huge part of the process. I don’t think we could have done our job well if we weren’t working hand in hand with the talent. Every talent was an individual, every talent knew their character better than we did and we gave them the freedom to go out there and get over. It’s so elementary, every promo sounds just like Vince McMahon. The disappointment comes from the failure to try something new.”


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