Vince Russo Says Wrestling Is Now a Niche Market


Recently, Vince Russo spoke about why he believes the general audience for wrestling is down from where it was twenty years ago during an interview with the Rad Turtles Wrestling Podcast (via Fightful). Check out his comment below:

The bottom line is bro, to really simplify this… 20 years ago, 25 years ago, the entire world was watching professional wrestling. They have turned that into a niche market. There is a very small audience watching wrestling today. It’s very simple, and the product they’ve turned into is, you know, I’m one of the millions and millions and millions that are not interested in that product. So, you know, it’s real simple, bro. It’s not the same product. They’ve changed the game. If you like it, bro, that’s cool. Watch it. But you know that there are a lot of people that used to like pro wrestling and do not watch it anymore.

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