Vince Russo – ‘Tony Khan Is Paying The Price For Making The Elite EVPS’


Was The Elite in the wrong for what transpired at AEW All Out 2022, and was Tony Khan appointing them as EVPs a mistake? Vince Russo believes so.

The backstage brawl resulted in CM Punk, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and others being suspended from programming and a lengthy third-party investigation followed.


Speaking on a recent edition of Konnan’s “K100” podcast, Russo made his case for why The Elite were in the wrong. He said,

“Bro, three Executive Vice Presidents barged into a locker room and attacked an employee.”

While the results of the investigation were never made public, it is believed that Punk threw the first punch, allegedly in anticipation of The Elite attacking him.

Russo also suggested that Punk threatened legal action against Tony Khan, which resulted in Punk being the top star of his own show ‘AEW Collision.’

Speaking about The Elite being in high-profile management roles, Russo added,

“To me, that was a massive error, a massive mistake that came to bite them in the ass. And he [Khan] has been paying for that ever since.”

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