Viral Video Features Child Throwing A Temper Tantrum After Receiving the Wrong WWE 2k Game for Christmas, 2k Offers To Help, See The Video Here!


The furious reaction of little boy who got the ‘wrong’ Christmas gift… the 2015 edition of a wrestling game instead of the 2016 release is making hits all over the world.

The little boy’s reaction to not getting the WWE video game for Christmas that he wanted is priceless and was caught on camera by his sister. The viral video, which was shared on Twitter, starts with the boy having a brief look of shock on his face that quickly fades away.

He puts the game down as he yells ‘You got me 2k15 instead of 2k16?’
A person who is not seen on camera can be heard saying ‘it was out of stock,’ in response to him as he picks up a box slamming it on the ground.

2k Sports saw the video and reached out to the family, offering its help in the situation.

Check out the video below…

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