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Virgil Bizarrely Claims He “Made Hulk Hogan’s Whole Career”


Former WCW and WWE wrestler Virgil (Vincent) has made the bold claims that he invented the nWo and, that he was also responsible for Hulk Hogan’s career. Virgil who is somewhat of an anomaly in wrestling, made these claims when speaking to Wrestling Inc in a recent interview.

During the interview Virgil, in his own bizarre way had this to say:


“I think I made Hulk Hogan’s whole career. Ted Turner and I put together the nWo. I got paid all day. I was like a moving reindeer. It was Too Sweet Meatsauce week. Olive Garden gave me a special order with Eric Bischoff because they love me that much. They put out a restraining order on Eric Bischoff because he followed me to Olive Garden. I guess he wanted a bunch more Meatsauce or something. He’s obsessed with me because I’m the Meatsauce King. I was the original member coming in. It was Hulk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ted DiBiase, Myself and X-Pac.”

As bizarre and manic as Virgil’s quotes may appear, this is not the first time he has claimed to be responsible for the nWo. Taking to his Twitter account in July last year, Virgil posted this:

Virgil would be the eighth person to join the nWo, after becoming a member of the group in 1996.

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h/t to 411 Mania and Wrestling Inc for the original quotes.

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