Virgil Gets Shot Down by Cameron Grimes After Suggesting They Team Up


Since returning, Cameron Grimes has been showing how wealthy he is by imitating ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase segments. Virgil has taken notice and is prepared to come back to the WWE and work with him, although it seems Grimes isn’t as willing.


Wrestling Inc has details on the people who appeared in the segments with Cameron Grimes on last night’s episode of NXT. Grimes attempted to recreate the segment in which Ted DiBiase challenged people to dribble a basketball ten times for $1,000. He kept failing though, so kept losing money.

The person in the first segment who successfully dribbled the ball, was social media producer Anthony Santaniello. The next segment featured Grimes trying to fool a woman who used a crossover to avoid his attempt to stop her. That was former WNBA player Anriel Howard, who signed with WWE last December.

Finally, he tried one more time with someone else and ended up decking them before they really got started. That was Jacob Kasper, who signed back in October. Kasper and Santaniello both commented on Twitter:

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