Vitor Belfort Reveals How His AEW Appearance Came About, Teases A Return, More


During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Vitor Belfort commented on working for AEW, how it came about, and more. You can check out some highlights and a video from the interview below:

On his AEW appearance: “You know, Rob who worked with Tyson, we are there. And they said, ‘Victor, hey I had an idea.’ And he put [together] like a Tyson crew and [it] was pretty fun. We’re there and we had so much fun. And that’s something that I never thought about it, but I’m really looking forward to jumping in and have some fun in wrestling. And I think I can bring a lot of value into this audience, and we can [do] some cross-promotion, and bring some intensity into this wrestling that will be fun… that was the first one. So maybe — we don’t even count the first one. I really want to go out there and put [on] a good show for the people, for the fans.”

On if he’s been looking into training for pro wrestling: “Yes. I’m looking for — hopefully soon, I’ll be able to find a way to do it. I think it’s the cross promotion, I think it’s gonna be a good thing for the audience. It’s such a big thing in Brazil as well. It’s one of the biggest things is wrestling in Brazil. And now we can bring it back.”

On his friendship with Tony Khan: “Yeah, Tony is a good friend of mine. And what I like about Tony is, Tony’s very smart. And I think he’s a true promoter in in the sense of sport. We look to his family, we’re talking about a guy who has been growing up with his father owning soccer, you know, football, major sports. And I think it’s about time that he can really change it. I call the combat sports — I put wrestling, boxing, MMA, they’re all together. When you start cross-promotion, bring guys who are relevant. Of course we have all types of different types of people. But when you bring relevant people that really have generation like myself. I have tons of generation and I’m still performing in great shape.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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